WP statistics

WordPress.com is the world’s most popular free content management system (CMS) and is therefore the first name that pops up if someone needs a free blog. Let’s start this post with some statistics. There currently are approximately 50 Million WordPress.com blogs. The company records an astonishing 128 Million unique visitors per month and employs only about 450 people. Can you imagine that only 450 employees and staff are achieving this? Per year more than 7 million posts are published.

Your own domain name.

One of the most asked questions on WP help forums is if users can have their own domain name instead of a web address ending in wordpress.com. The answer to that question is “yes”, and it’s a very simple procedure to get your desired web address. The name for this procedure is “domain mapping”. Domain mapping is a paid upgrade and it’s very cheap. It’s not necessary to create another blog for this. You simply point your own domain name example.com to the content of example.wordpress.com while example.com will be the address that is visible to users in their browser. That’s all there is to it. Where you registered your domain is not important, you can still map it to your WordPress.com site. After you have mapped your domain name, make sure you update the primary domain name to your new domain so when people visit your example.com blog, that will be the web address that stays visible in the browser’s address bar while they see the content of your beautiful free WordPress.com blog. Instructions on how to do this can be found when you’re logged into your blog under Upgrades > Domains on your dashboard AFTER the domain mapping process is completed. If you ever decide to move your blog off WordPress.com, you can take your domain with you, no problem.

Start now.

So, what are you waiting for? Just click the following link to get started: click here. Happy blogging!